Nitrous Junkie Racing

Motorcycle Drag Racing Team

A Small Set Back

Sitting here at home, due to Covid-19 and being on lockdown, we sadly (but sensibly) made the decision to put the fuel bike on hold.

The last bits on the list to do will have to stay that way for a while and the toys will have to be put on hold. This period of uncertainty has put us into responsible adult mode, and monies are best left in the bank for mortgage and bills.

Because we have no idea how long this is actually going to go on for, we have brought the bike home, as we are able to continue to do our bit, and work on it here, which we can do shut in the garage, at no risk to anyone else. It was also a good opportunity to see if it would fit logically in the race truck! This it does!

It’s disappointing, but rest assured once this all blows over, the bike will have the last bits done and we will be back on course again.

We will continue to update from home for now.