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The Easter Thunderball 2012

Kev and Jake Charman were both racing at the Easter Thunderball. Kev debuting in Pro Stock Bike, and Jake in Junior Drag Bike. We arrived Thursday night, set up and check both bikes out and did some jobs we didn't have time to finish, on The Pro Stock bike, especially, as to ride it was a bit of a late decision ! Thanks to Richard Gipp for being able to rebuild a motor and get the whole bike sorted in a fortnight !

1st run - The track was still very cold, and I was trying hard to remember how to ride a bike with 5 gears. I short shifted the whole run, and shut off before the finish line, and cruised through. This was the run run of the season, the last run of last season was 171mph on my arse, so still to be on the bike was very pleasing. 8.52 @ 139mph. Sadly with Mark Smith with mechanical problems, and Ray Debben having problems too, there was only myself and Len Paget in. The first run gave me number 2 qualifier!

My second qualifier was on Sunday, and late due to the weather. The carbs were hanging open a little bit, which unsettled me a bit, as I had forgotten about that, having ridden injected bikes for the last 2 years! Got it together, and got it up into stage, and ready for the second launch. (Thanks to Richard bell for the nod on the tag!) The bike launched better, the track was coming round. Shifted 1st a little early, but managed to hit a couple of shift points along the way. The run was an improvement, resulting in a much better 7.95 @ 164 mph.

Sadly on Monday's race day the meeting was called, the rain was not going to let up. Bit disappointing, but happy to have run a 7.

Meanwhile Jake in Junior Drag Bike was not without its moments. Jake reports:- Despite not really knowing what the bike was going to do we took a stab at a dial in of 10.28 which I used for the rest of the meeting. The track (despite the track crew trying so hard to get some heat in) was very cold and as a result the rear wheel spun causing the bike to slow slightly. I went back to the pits and did the usual maintenance and out we went for a second qualifier. The bike spun very badly. It left the line and turned violently to the right, luckily I managed to hold on and pull it straight and complete the run with no more problems.

On my third and final run I decided to do a burnout. It burnt out perfectly apart from not being able to climb out of the dip in the burnout box and therefore coming out with a wet tire, I dropped the clutch and the bike just stayed still spinning the wheel. When it eventually found some grip it bogged the engine and went very slowly up the track. Thanks to Chris and Kev for crewing on the startline and Lizz for videos. Also to Donna for some great food. Thanks as always to my sponsors, Al at RCP and “Uncle” Steve at

Ever grateful to our incredible long suffering Team, My long standing Crew Chief Chris Pyke, and Fiancee Donna for the catering, Gipp for the ride , (I will get there mate!) and Nigel his Crew. Bryony for the support and cake, and lastly Lizzy who is being very patient, and Happy Birthday to you Honey! Thanks too to my sponsors, Doug at

Meanwhile Lizzy's bike is getting there, has had a lot of head work done, so we decided that she would be better to re learn again in Comp bike, due to a disappointing season last year, and a disasterous one the year before !

This season she is being supported by Ken Cooper, who has got my engine at the moment , and is being freshened up, all being well she should be out for The Springspeed Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway. This will be the first meeting where all three of us are racing, so it's going to be a busy one !

She is also delighted to announce that this season she is being supported by MPM oil, ( and would just like to thank Richard Stevens very much.