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FIA European Finals 2011

We arrived at the track on Wednesday to set up our side of things before Rene and the crew arrived on Thursday, so we were ready for what we hoped was going to be a very good meeting.

All arrived, the bike unloaded, and we went about checking it all over, and discussing what the game plan was. We were concerned that after the issues we had with the chains snapping, and wanted to try to re tune the bike, as it is tailing off after the 1000foot mark, and we really need more track time to get it back into the 6s again. We had 2 qualifying rounds on Friday and Saturday, so any changes we made had to be important ones, to make this worthwhile.

Friday dawned, final checks, and started the bike up. It sounded strong and good, so now ready for the first run.

Good straight burnout, and as I was being pushed back, (I am told) The Battle of Britain memorial flight spitfire flew over the track. Mentioned on Eurodragster as being “a great sight”!

Launch was also good, and a 1.12 60 foot, which was better than it had been for a while, then the motor revved, the primary drive belt had snapped, so a disappointing 9.55 sec run at 85 mph was my qualifying run. This put me at Number 4, surprisingly, as the only 3 to have gone faster than me in this session were Steve Woolattt (6.34), Petri (6.42), and Ian King (6.94).

Back to pits changed the belt, checked the timing, clutch and usual maintenance, and ready for the next one.

The second run was great 1.13 60 foot, and the bike flew. 6.88 at 197 mph, big thanks to Craig and a very happy crew! Not much more I can say. No dramas!

Photography Ian Blackett (Blackett photography)

Saturday’s first run 1.11 60 ft 6.90 @ 194 mph. The 60’s are coming down slowly. We discussed changing the ratio, and maybe testing next weekend, and see if we can get the bike up the track more consistently, in time for the National Finals.

The second one was disappointing again, when the bike decided that it was going to throw another primary belt, giving me a 13 second pass. We have sorted out the chain issue, and now replaced it with a belt one. I do have to say a huge congratulations to Peter Svensson and the Team 5.88 at 224 mph, fastest Top Fuel Bike pass in Europe!

Elimination day, and I had Steve Woolatt in the Quarter finals. He had been running quite well, with a couple of nice 6’s but you never know what could happen (His last 2 runs were problematical, with a 13 and 22 second pass respectively) could today be a zero to hero one, for me?

No it couldn’t! Both of us had trouble trying to get our bikes to burnout. I ended up driving up the track, and when Chris came to push me back, he was having trouble getting the pin back in to the throttle stop. When I tried to launch, the bike was having none of it, almost like the throttle cable had snapped. Steve too had problems, and won the race with a 7.5, which was more disappointing for me, as that could have been beatable. The problem was the nipple came loose on the throttle cable so as much as I turned the hand grip it had no cable attached !!! A 50 cent part that had let us down

Thanks, as always to Rene, Craig and Binzi , and my crew Chris and Lizzy. Also to Doug at Ensys, Eurodragster for the live coverage, thank goodness for the live reports, or Lizzy would never have a reference to get our race report done!

Lizzy too would like to say a very big thanks too must got to Bryony, from Queenie’s Cup Cakes for the art form drag bike cake she made. Her cakes are awesome, and worth every penny should you consider having one made. She is contactable via us, or through her Facebook page.