Nitrous Junkie Racing

Motorcycle Drag Racing Team

Extreme Performance Bike Weekend 2011

We entered Comp bike at the Extreme performance as we wanted to test a few things that time had stopped us from doing during the season. The weather was not really with us, the track was cold and fairly loose at the top end.

The first run the bike launched well (1.10 60 foot) and a 6.9 on the quarter with a slowing 150 mph. Around the 1000 foot mark the front end of the bike felt like it was trying to wash away, my feet came off the foot pegs, but managed to keep my balance, and control to to the finish line.

Took the bike back, checked it over and ready to go out for the second one.

Set off for a bye run in the left hand lane, again the bike launched very well, this time a 1.08 60 foot and 169mph through the eight. Again at the same point in the other lane, the front wheel touched down, and again it washed out. This time I was unable to control it, the bike slid violently to the left hand wall, and had me off. I chased the bike across the line on my bum and went through at 7.2 at 127 mph.

I thought about getting up and then thought better of it, and laid there until the paramedics came to get me. I have got away very light - scuffs and bruises, and the bike too has got away pretty much unscathed. Bent wheelie bars, handle bars, foot pegs and pulleys, nothing irrepairable.

Huge thanks to the paramedics, for the speed they got to me, their sense of humour, and the track crew who too were excellent..... Massive respect to you all.

Lizzy and myself would also like to thank all at the other end of the track who looked after her so well. That is not something I would like to put her through again, sorry.

In no particular order - Dave Warren and Ingrid Chesworth, plus a huge thanks to Carol Ishmail who took Lizz to the Medical Centre, once she got a very quick response that I was ok., Darren prentice for escorting Lizz, and Bryony and Joe for ferrying clothes and generally looking after the pair of us. Also every one for the texts calls and e mails , it has been over whelming, and I am really ok. I will return !

Big sorry to Rene, and all of our crew, but also well done to Lizz who was "only going to do a burnout" after freaking out a tad after my crash, and went through and got in to semi finals in Straightliners, brave lady !