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Halloween Bonfire Burn Up 2012

This weekend was a chance do some runs and finish my competition with Louis. First run out of the van was a 10.2 with a lot of wheelspin as well as a red light. We went back to the pits to try and solve the wheelspin by raising the front end of the bike to help the weight transfer to the back wheel quicker as we thought there may be a wheel spin problem. Out for another run and a 10.8 despite trying the burnout in second gear to get more heat into the tyre. Back to the pits once more and a little baffled, when we spoke to some of the other people riding two strokes we where advised to lean out the main jet which we did and the bike still lost MPH indicating that the power produced had gone down! So even more baffled we looked at the weather station and the adjusted altitude was at around -360, terrible air for racing and a sign that the bike should be made rich not lean. We put a bigger main jet in and went out and ran a 9.8 and back to 66mph, we think we could have still gone up on the jetting but the track closed at 5pm so we’ll have to wait till next year to see!

Come Sunday the weather had turned and the rain was coming down, at one o’clock the decision came that the meeting had been called. Despite the rain, in a stroke of luck we took off the clutch cover and noticed a missing pin, luckily before it caused any major damage, so off to the garage to find where it’s gone!