Nitrous Junkie Racing

Motorcycle Drag Racing Team

The Main Event 2011

27th - 30th May 2011

My thanks go to Craig and Binzi, again for working late on the bike to get it up and running for this event. They had a lot to deal with as well as try to get the bike ready . Trying to juggle a personal life as well as working on bikes, keeping the loved ones indoors happy and going to work, late nights in the workshop are just a part of life for Lizzy, Jake and I, so much appreciated fellas !! Also Dan (the man) for the late night welding, thanks mate.

What we were not expecting over the Main Event was "Hurricaine Pod" cloudy and rainy, but the Santa Pod track crew as always, unrelenting, kept up the fight and beat the weather, and kept the track good. Although the bigger Fuel bikes were not suffering as much as the Super Street bikes (Wayne Saunders, who had an off at the top end, hope you are healing, and not feeling too sore now), it was still a bit of a thing to put into the equation.

First run - technically a shake down pass to make sure the new gearbox was a good 8.004 @ 139mph but 155mph at the 8th I did have to hang off the bike to keep it straight, but now I know what to expect, I know my limitations!

Second run against Petri - my burnout good and the bike sounded strong, and as I was being pushed back (just saw the blue line) Petri came past us, with a long burnout and had problems getting the bike back I was in for quite a wait, but the starter shut him off, just before Rene was going to shut me off, as the engine was getting quite warm. Having been told by Rene that all I must do its ride, and not worry about what is going on around, I was quite calm, and it never really occurred to me, that 1. I ,too was getting warm or 2. The engine was also! The run was ok, 7.115 @ 198mph, but rolled off the throttle towards the top end. The wind was a lot stronger than before, so I was happy with 7.1 and due to Ian, and the two Steve's running slower than me for one reason or the other I was number one qualifier!! That was us for the day and after some work on the bike, and some food. (Thanks Debbie for the pudding !!)

Sunday, the wind had decided that it couldn't decide which direction it was heading, and my first run of that day was 7.4 @ 187mph.

Last qualifier of the day was when I went from Hero to Zero! The rather good burnout felt very good , launch was good, not the quickest 60 ft, 1.18, but felt strong, and then wallop! The chain adjuster broke, turning the wheel into the frame, and ripped all the front sprocket teeth off. My first ever run of over 25 seconds at 18 mph! All sorted within the hour, and ready for the following day. That run was a bitter disappointment, as Rene had said to Lizzy earlier while I was being pushed back, that I would run a 6.... all was geared up for it, the air was, for the first time this weekend, sensibly good for us, and the wind had dropped!

The following day rain totally stopped play.

So, the conclusion of the weekend?

With my reaction running from a fortnight, to 0.22 and 2 mph off 200mph , and the bike was running sluggish all weekend, and nothing to do with the rider, this will be addressed before the next UEM round, so we will have to test at some stage.

Thanks as always goes in no particular order to The track Crew, for never giving up until the Red Arrows cancelled!! , Eurodragster for the great coverage (sometimes we could not write press releases without glancing back) , Andy Marrs for the timing, we could big ourselves up so much more if it wasn't for you !!, Rene (Ouwe Rukker) Van den Berg, for taking my money, and being a good friend.... ! Chris for being the exceptional Crew Chief, and advisor he always is. The lovely Donna and Corey for providing good food and entertainment throughout the weekend, Craig, Binzi, Debz, and lastly Lizzy, who is still smiling through the pain, and still putting up with all of this .....

The next report if all goes to plan will be from Lizzy on the comp bike it will be a thrash to get ready but we'll give it our all as usual !