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News for January 2012

At last we have some news. I am to run the Fuel Bike for a second season. I said to Rene at the end of last year, that I would be happy to ride it again, and I wasn’t too happy about leaving my Top Fuel Bike Career, with the number one plate, and a crash. We have been speaking to Rene over the winter, and another deal has been done. The bike is being repaired, and we fired her up last weekend, and she sounds good. Chris (my crew chief) and I are going over to The Netherlands in the next few weeks, to help Rene refresh the engine, and learn a bit more.

I will be doing the 2 European Meetings here, and all the ACU rounds at Santa Pod. Hopefully Lizz and I will be racing at Drachten in July.

Over the closed season, I have been working on getting Lizzy’s Cylinder head repaired, and another one to work on, to give her a fighting chance of running the 7 she so desperately wants. It’s not been an easy 2 seasons for her. We have talked through who is doing what this year, and she is happy to run at the 2 meetings, Spring Speed, and Open Sports at Shakespeare County Raceway, plus For Ladies that Launch in July, unless we go to Drachten,for the Explosion Drag racing weekend. At Santa Pod she will be entering the Summer Nationals and Extreme Bike weekend. This way she can still crew for me, and not have to worry about her race, and I can crew for her, and not worry about mine !

Jake in Junior Drag Bike, has 6 rounds this year! 3 of them being at Santa Pod, which is excellent news. His bike will be refreshed and Jake wants to change a few things to try and get some consistancy , we hope he will stop growing soon as he is already in my leathers and Lizz has had to buy another pair!

Because we are now sharing crewing duties, we have had a change to our Team! Craig and Binz , loaned crew for last year, taught Chris and Lizzy what they needed to know, while Rene’s bike was being built, they will be going back to him, but still around if we need some advise as he is hoping his new bike will be out this year. Lisa and Graham, we are sure, even though taking some time out, will still be around and about if we need them, so this years Team is:- Chris Pyke, my long standing Crew Chief, Lizzy, and Bryony Wadkin-Snaith will be joining us full time, is keen to learn, and available for all the meetings, so we all have a constant, (and a cake!)

We will, no doubt see a lot of you at the Dinner and Dance in February, and if we don’t we will see you at the track!!