Nitrous Junkie Racing

Motorcycle Drag Racing Team

Open Sports Nationals 2011

Jake, the third, and youngest racing member of the Nitrous Junkie Team, was competing in Junior Drag bike at the weekend.

Jake takes up the story:

From the minute we left home it was bucketing it down with rain, but Me, Dad and Lizzy were all still being optimistic and packed our sunglasses!

Unfortunately though the rain was a sign of things to come and in turn we only got three runs of the whole weekend! The track crew tried very hard, but it was not to be, and the curfew didn't help either.

All weekend was spent trying to get the back wheel to spin which just didn’t seem to be happening with the setup the bike had (sprockets F15-R40). After trying to make the current setup work and not getting much in return we decided to change the rear sprocket to a 45 and use a new spark plug for the first round of eliminations. And believe it or not we actually managed to spin the wheel too much! Despite this though I broke out by .2 0f a second running a 10.2 pass on a 10.5 dial in.

As always thanks go to Dad, Lizzy and Bryony for their help and support, and my Sponsors, Uncle Steve at Motorshack ( and Alan Young of RCP Training (