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Summer Nationals 2012

Met up with Richard Gipp, his crew Nigel and the Pro Stock bike at the track on Friday, set up as per normal, and bike all prepped, scrutineered and ready for Saturday. Lizzy was keeping an eye on the weather forecast, as it was changing hourly, from terrible to not so bad but windy!

Saturday, we were not disappointed, weather was dry but terribly windy, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Qualifier #1 7.88 secs @ 166 mph - Spun off the line hurting only the 60 foot, the rest of the run was fine, not too bad a start for an opener. #2 Qualifier

Qualifier #2 - We had to sit out, as the clutch switch stopped working just as we were about to leave for this qualifier. We had no time to fix it.

Qualifier #3 - 7.83 secs @ 166 mph - Left the line ok, the 60 foot was a bit better, but still had some spin. I thought had double shifted on 2nd shift, but video evidence proves different. There was a slight improvement on time.

Qualifier #4 - I was made to sit this one out too, as last time I over ruled the Boss, I damaged the bike ! Good call by Gipp on reflection, as it rained anyway! And did it rain !

Sunday got up to see low cloud no rain, but a ferocious wind. The Track, rightly decided that the bikes would only run over the 8th due to the weather conditions, as there was a very strong cross wind. To help the bike as much as we could we took the wheelie bar boards off to give her a fighting chance. Sorry Doug - having the best Sponsorship space on the bike, comes with a price! They will be back on for next time.

We had Ray Debben in the first round of Eliminations, we had lane choice, but as far as I was concerned it was still going to be a tough race. Ray has been racing in Pro Stock for many years, and has a wealth of experience compared to me. My 0.05 reaction to ray's 0.08, managed to get out in front of him, Somewhere around the 330 foot, I felt the bike step sideways, and feathered the throttle. I thought I caught sight of a green bike by the side of me, so got back on it, and tried to morph into the bike. I stayed in front, not realizing that Ray had in fact shut off and made the first return road. Back to the pits, prepped and ready for what was going to be a long wait for the Finals.

The Final against Len Pagett, again another racer with a wealth of experience. Both into stage, no messing about. Len cut an awesome light, I, on the other hand was obviously having a doze, and stopped to watch him go, it seemed. A pretty dismal 0.22! First Loser, Congratulations to Len, not much of a race really, sorry! My First trophy in Pro Stock However!

Towed back to the pits, and got around the corner to find the joke really was on me. The whole Team were all sitting on the benches having a doze... very drole!

All in all not major issues this weekend, apart from one - The only big issue we did have, all weekend, was no data to tune from due to an intermittent problem with the logger, which reared its ugly head again, after us thinking we had it sorted. Pretty much all the runs were guess work by Gipp, and to be honest, he did a fantastic job of "tweaking blind" - a lot of it he didn't tell me about! Still quite pleased considering I am over weight and under powered !!

It was very good to see Paul King back on the track again, but disappointing not to see Mark Smith.

Very good to see Richard and Sam Stevens, our Sponsors from MPM oil UK, all be it brief. Hope your back is getting better, Sam.

A quick shout out and "mend quick" to Leigh Russon, after his off at the weekend, from the whole Team. Hope you are recovering and not too battered.

The recognitions to individuals and also the Sponsorship that help us out over the season is getting bigger and bigger, so in no Particular order:-

On the front line - Richard Gipp, Nigel and Chris Pyke, Lizzy and Jake.

The Track Crew, and commentators at Santa Pod, Eurodragster - as always!!

Our Sponsors - Richard Stevens @ MPM Oil UK, Doug Cheke at Ensys, Steve Wood @ Motorshack Thank you never seems enough !