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TOTB Demos 2012

After some cracking runs at Avon Park last weekend we decided to do some test runs at totb at Elvington. When I arrived I was expecting to do my usual, 1/8 mile and roll the rest. But as usual, there was a problem. Elvington doesn’t have 1/8 mile timing, so this meant I would have to run my first ever quarter and on an unfamiliar track too! There was a huge headwind, but with much anticipation (new track nerves as dad says!) rolled up to the line. It launched beautifully and ran well too! I ran 17.56 @ 59 mph despite having to shut off before the finish due to the wind getting under my chest and trying to blow me off! Back to the pits maintenance done and out for another pass. I went down to the line with my demons put to bed knowing what to expect. I went up to the light ready to launch but must have gone slightly past it as when I pinged the clutch the bike bogged slightly running a 17.39 @ 70mph. Next run was a pretty textbook pass, spun the tyre a tad but still ran a 17.52 @ 68mph. As always thanks to Dad for crewing, Lizz for some great photos! Also to my sponsors Uncle Steve at Motorshack and Alan at RCP Training for all their support!

Photography Thanks Jeni Long Yawning Cat Photography